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The FoTF Members Walk and Picnic will be at High Lodge on Friday 5th August 17:30 - 19:30. Enjoy a summer's evening in the forest and meet other FOTF members. Please register your attendance via

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Friends of Thetford Forest (FoTF)

Friends of Thetford Forest (FoTF) is a voluntary body whose aim is to increase knowledge, understanding, and enjoyment of Thetford Forest and to encourage the involvement of the local community and general public in Thetford Forest's future development.

Thetford Forest

Whilst the Friends of Thetford Forest shares common aims and works in close collaboration with Forestry England, it is an independent body serving the needs of members and visitors to Thetford Forest.

Since being established in 1995 FoTF have undertaken numerous projects within Thetford Forest, such as the restoration of Mildenhall Waren Lodge and projects on the Goshawk Trail, many of which have been part funded by grants FoTF has worked hard to secure.

FoTF run a number of volunteer groups such as FoTF Conservation who help to look after habitats for wildlife in the Forest and FoTF Lynford Aboretum who care for Lynford Arboretum.

FoTF volunteers also undertake archaeology helping to protecting and research historic sites and archaeological features in the Forest. The dedicated work of FoTF volunteers has helped FoTF win a number of volunteering awards.

FoTF also continue to campaign for legal protection to safeguard the Public Forest Estate for future generations to enjoy.

You can join FoTF for just £10.00 per household which supports the work FoTF and allows to join one of the FoTF Volunteer Groups, as well other benefits. Compaines can also join our Corporate membership scheme.